Great on line magazine for survivors and loved ones
Insight Magazine (Philadelphia) – Helping Spouse Heal from Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse Recovery Resources:
London England-Aurora Health Foundation –
Los Angelas CA-Bobbi Jankovich Therapist –
Counselling Boutique –
Ottawa, Ontario-Dr. David Baxter-psychologist –
Denver, CO-David Clift –
Vancouver BC-Glynis Sherwood –
Sydney, Australia-Lisa Laba Power of Mind Private Counselling Practice –
Greensboro, NC-Lori’s Song –
New York, NY-Male Survivors –
Edmonton, AB-Little Warriors –
Ondina Hatvany Therapist –
Quality Solicitors –
SANE Australia –
Kentville, N.S-S.O.A.R. –
Surving Therapist Abuse –
Vancouver, BC-Dane Stevens-The Neuro Trauma Healing Process-
Chilliwak, BC-True Life Counseling Services –
Denver,CO-Wings Foundation –

Brinda Carey –
Lynette Robinson –
Audrey Tait –