I constantly review books looking for those I can highly recommend and certainly yours will be at the top of my list. I can’t tell you how pleased I am at the quality of the information you have provided. There are so many people out there who desperately need to read what you have written.
— Linda Halliday-Sumner, Sexual Abuse Consultant

If you are the spouse of a survivor of childhood sexual abuse or if you are a survivor who would like your spouse to understand some of what you are going through, I highly recommend this book. Click here to see full review.
— Dr. David Baxter, Psychologist, Ottawa

In his EBook “What About Me?” Grant Cameron empathically steps into the shoes of the male partners of women sexual abuse survivors, because he’s been there. Click here to see full review.
— Glynis Sherwood, Sexual Abuse Recovery Counselor, Vancouver

I found the book to be informative and easy to read. It was very good in describing the feelings that partners of survivors experience while helping a survivor to heal from the painful and devastating experience of childhood sexual abuse… . From my past experience working with partners of survivors I would highly recommend this book to them.
— Maria Wallenius, Co-ordinator of the Sexual Assault Centre of Nippissing

I have worked with survivors of sexual abuse and their families, in a professional capacity, for over 12 years and I have found this book to be a valuable resource for partners. Oftentimes, men have commented to me that they “could have written the book themselves” and they often feel empowered after they read it because they get the sense they are not alone with their experiences and feelings. The book also helps the partner to gain a better understanding of what his partner is going through and to heal rifts in their relationships. I strongly reccommend this book to other professionals who work in this field and to survivors of sexual abuse and their partners.
— Michelle Sperle

I am a licensed counselor, who specializes in trauma/substance abuse.
In reviewing this book, I have found it to be a wonderful book for my client’s partners to better understand their significant other’s needs and their own. This book creates hope for both partners, and supports increased and healthy communication between both individuals. I would recommend this book for anyone who practices within this field, or an individual who is involved in a loving relationship with a person who has been sexually abused. Remember:”It is better to be active and supportive with those that have been abused, than to do nothing at all, and hope one day things will work itself out.”
— Life Strides Counseling

This is an absolute must read for any men out there who have women partners that have suffered childhood sexual abuse in any of its many and abhorrent forms. My wife suffered this from no less than three different males in her life before the age of 14, and two of them were relatives. I, like you, needed some reference material to try and help me cope with how to help her, and though there isn’t going to be a cookie cutter answer for every situation… this book offers a lot of insight and gives you some starting points to begin looking for help.
— Lynn Moorhead (Carrollton, Texas USA)

This is a great book that made me cry when I read it because it was like he knew me in a way none of my boyfriends have ever understood me. I sent it to my boyfriend to read immediately after I finished it. If only I had found this book years ago.
— Pamela J. Karr (Charlotte, NC)

A Guide for Men Helping Female Partners Deal with Childhood Sexual Abuse is not only an excellent supportive resource for the partner of a victim of childhood abuse but also can be an excellent tool for the friend, boyfriend or loved one reaching out to try to help the victim move through the stages of healing and recovery. The author takes the reader through each stage of recovery and shares what the victim/survivor may be coping with and also gives suggestions/ideas as you as a caring friend or partner can use to provide support and understanding. The couple was motivated to write the book because when Grant was trying to support Liz through her recovery he could not find any publications that were for partners or loved ones trying to understand the pain and suffering the victim/spouse/friend was going through. I think you will find this publication an excellent resource while you are both working towards a healthy recovery.
— Donald Winfield, Child Abuse Consultant

Hi Grant, I have now had the opportunity to read the first chapter and wanted to say all I wanted to do was read on! Thank you for sharing it with me. From what I have read I would have no hesitation in recommending the book to others. Kind regards.
— Trudy Hanningtin, The Leger Clinic

The book is easy to read, covering some complex subjects, such as the Inner Child, patience during the process, the necessity for breaks for the supporter and for both supporter and survivor together, and the complications for sexual relations, and the lack thereof for a long time. His chapter on trust also made me stop and consider. I highly recommend the book.
— A Customer

Supporting partners who have been sexually abused can be an emotional quagmire. Grant Cameron’s What About Me? is a unique resource for men in this situation. As a counsellor I recommend it to my clients and feedback I receive is that it is very helpful.
Lyn Coker (MNZAC) Author of the book “Where The Rainbow Falls”